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I am a motivated professional seeking new opportunities after completing a javascript course. My hard-working nature and dedication, combined with my expertise in coding across various languages and fluency in Spanish make me a valuable asset. In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar and indulging my passion for music. Let's work together and bring your ideas to life with my drive and skills

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Games Review Site

My board games review site plugs into an SQL database to access data on reviews and their comments.
React, HTML, CSS.

Front End | Back End

Astro Map

Astro Map projects upcoming and previous solar eclipses onto a global map and served as my final major project.
React Native, MongoDB, Express.

Front End | Back End

Speed Readr

This application helps both neurodivergent people as well as those intmidated by a long article to take on information much faster through a simple font alteration.

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